Angolmois - Genkou Kassenki Episode 2: That went well

This week's episode still seemed pretty promising. I like the way this series seems to be headed, even if the quality of the action was a bit lackluster. I understand that it's hard to focus on small skirmishes when you're dealing with large armies, but most of the attacks in this episode were still shots.

I wasn't entirely sure what to make of the old man. Scenes like this where he displays his overconfidence made him seem like everyone else in the meeting room. However, his reaction after Jinzaburou is kicked out made me wonder if there was more to him. I guess that will be pretty difficult given that he dies in this episode, though.

I might have misread this scene. When it was first mentioned, I thought it was hinting at a class structure on the island, but the monks ended up being a side thing. Maybe it was legitimately a geography comment.

This line is kind of nonsense, but I think the time limit on the defense is an interesting addition.

I really liked this scene. The fact that the princess feels so triumphant without knowing that Jinzaburou wasn't actually planning to leave is hilarious.

You're literally asking to die, dude.

Jinzaburou's strategy commentary is actually quite entertaining.

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