Hataraku Saibou First Impressions (1+2): This is how we create hypochondriacs

I admit that I likely have an excessive obsession with platelets, but this series has been surprisingly entertaining for an "educational" series. I expected a heavy dose of infodump, but the series has been pretty funny so far. A lot of the comedy is really over the top and the characters are really charming.

The information is largely scattered in through random narration points. Admittedly, it gets a bit heavy in the second episode when a huge variety of germs gets introduced in one go, but it feels manageable so far.

When I really thought about it, the idea of a pneumoccocus hiding in a box the entire time is a bit silly, but it didn't really bother me while I was watching. The interactions between the characters as they try to find the guy were pretty fun.

I've already mentioned this, but it's probably no surprise that the platelets really sold the show for me.

My main worry for the series is whether it can really stay entertaining across the entire series. The second episode was promising, but it was still largely relying on the same set of characters. I'm guessing those guys can only stay funny so long, but I've been proven wrong before (*Miira no Kaikata managed to pull it off).

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