Happy Sugar Life First Impressions (1): I thought I was prepared for this

I went into this series expecting something messed up, and it still delivered more than I expected. Consider me creeped out. I was pretty impressed with the way the episode escalated. In the beginning, Satou appears to be a pretty normal girl with an obsession, but she's shown to be more than a little nuts by the end.

These flowery frames aren't really working for me, but I guess I get the point. All is well?

Fair point.

I loved that this episode almost made me want to root for Satou in the middle section. From what we see, she's a typical popular girl turned mad by the influences of society around her. She's doing her best to live normally, but the jealousy of other girls has forced incredible stress on her psyche.

Additionally, Satou feels pressure to stay in an abusive work environment because she needs to provide for Shio. These kinds of situations almost make you feel empathy for her.

And in a final spurt, we get this sense that Satou's behavior is inherited from her childhood interactions with her mother. At this point, you can kind of see how she might be justified in becoming what she is.

Then, everything gets turned around by the reveal at the end. I applaud the subtlety that this scene had, when the original occupants of the apartment are revealed in this murder room. At this point, I was starting to warm up to Satou, but seeing this scene pretty much solidified the idea that she was nuts.

It also works really well with the first scene in the episode. We come to understand that Shio has been abducted by Satou in a sense and the burning apartment probably comes at a later point when Satou is finally found and cornered. It's quite interesting.

To backtrack a bit, the only point in the episode that didn't fully sit well with me was the fact that Mitsuboshi had been locked up the whole time. I guess I felt like it was a bit extreme, but maybe it was meant to put Satou in a better light at that point.

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