Satsuriku no Tenshi Episode 2: Being killed is hard

Looks like things cooled down in the second episode. It felt like last week's episode was going for thrilling while this week's episode was maybe going for creepy. I'm not entirely sure how the tone shift will end up working out based on what I've seen so far. This episode did tend to drag on a bit. Zack and Rachel seem like an okay pair, so I can kind of see the potential for them to grow together.

Rachel's change in personality seemed a bit drastic, but I'm curious to see where it goes. It makes her seem less helpless, which could end up working in her favor.

This random scene focusing on Danny's "corpse" makes me think he's still alive. He also shows up in the OP sequence, which really makes me suspicious.

I think the most interesting piece of this episode is the fact that the person on this floor seems to know who Rachel is. Danny also seemed to know her as well, which has me wondering. Zack is the exception, but he's easily explained away since he doesn't really care.

This random visual shift when Isaac started destroying the graves seemed odd. Maybe it's a reference back to the original game. Still, I'm not a huge fan of the fact that he randomly hits the button locking the door.

Information! Zack's one weakness?

This scene was another weird moment, but I guess it kind of makes sense as a way to stop Rachel from suicide. You could argue that asking Zack to kill her is technically suicide, which is why I had a bit of trouble watching the scene. Still, it might have a different meaning, so we'll see.

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