Angolmois - Genkou Kassenki First Impressions (1): This seems promising. Wooo history?

This first episode was surprisingly fun. It definitely had a much more serious tone to it, but the action and characters were interesting. I certainly like the idea of a band of exiles forced to act as the first line of defense against a Mongolian invasion. Add in the fact that the princess commanding them also feels similarly forced into her role, and I'd say it's a solid setup. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

The beginning of the episode felt a bit strange, since we were kind of being thrown into the middle of things. I'm glad that the episode doesn't waste too much time in explaining itself, making the introduction seem reasonable. The visual style is interesting, but I haven't decided how I feel about it as a whole. Much of the episode felt like it had a filter on it, which was a bit distracting.

I'm a big fan of this twist. The opening of the episode looks like what you'd expect from a somewhat "random" prisoner's revolt, so the fact that everything was planned is a great. The main character also seems reasonably intelligent.

The princess seems like she could be a decent character. I like the idea that she's putting on a strong face in front of the exiles, but she feels similarly unfit for her role. I was curious how she'd change without her attendant to support her, but she seemed to pull it off at the end of the episode.

What? You mean the enemies sent trained warriors to fight? That's insane!

While I don't really like the use of super fast sword strikes, I still think that the fights in this episode were pretty solid. The sword clash sequences seemed to have more content than I've seen in other shows.

Why is this guy blonde?

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