Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes First Impressions (1): Just an everyday antique salesman?

I get that we need to establish characters and setting, but this first episode wasn't super entertaining for me. While the episode certainly sets up "Holmes" as a character, the majority of the episode is basically an antiques lesson. While I tend to like the stories behind these things, it's not what I'm interested in seeing. That being said, the episode ends with a hint from Aoi that the focus of the series might shift moving forward, so maybe it's worth checking out a couple more episodes.

I'm not sure if this was just a weird translation, but Holmes really has a strange way of speaking. I wonder if it's just a localization of how he speaks in Japanese, but I had to look up a lot of his expressions.

I don't really mind that Holmes has the typical Sherlockian style of deduction. I actually like this sort of thing. I just think it's wasted on a show about an antiques shop.

I think the most annoying part about this Holmes character is the way he "reads Aoi's mind". The Holmes I picture would always have an explanation, but this guy's mind reading borders on supernatural, and it's often shrugged away. That definitely bothered me.

Aoi's taking a job for a grudge? That's kind of a weird premise...

As I said, I do enjoy hearing the story behind things, and the story behind this painting wasn't too bad.


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