Planet With First Impressions (1): Which side?

Phew, this introduction was pretty crazy, but it was also kind of intriguing. We're immediately introduced to a reversal of sorts. Rather than a typical "good vs. evil" story, the main character is fighting against the apparent guardians of Earth. So is Kuroi a villain or the good guy in disguise? I don't know what's going on here, but I really want to find out. It looks like I might have been wrong to call this a potential kids anime.

The reaction of a man hiding his porn...

I was a bit skeptical of the amnesia trope, but it ends up working with the twist in the episode. I'm curious to see where it goes.


Honestly, I don't know how to feel about the floaty things. The series seems to be suggesting that the "superheroes" are causing harm, which would suggest that these things are somehow good. However, the idea of creating a "peaceful" illusion seems inherently sinister. Wouldn't you normally be suspicious of something that gives you a happy delusion?

The fights in this episode seemed okay. The battle at the end was more interesting than the one in the sky, but I'll probably wait to pass judgment.

Putting together Kuroi's flashback and the opening scene of the episode, it seems like the big dragon thing from the Kuroi's memories might have been his ally or something. Maybe it was trying to help and the superheroes mistakenly assumed it was a monster. Kuroi seems to be trying to stop them in the opening scene. Whatever it is, I'm definitely curious.

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