Satsuriku no Tenshi First Impressions (1): That's a lot of blood

As far as premieres go, this episode wasn't too bad. The setup is interesting so far. The main characters seem to be stuck in some sort of murder facility, and they're likely trying to escape. I'm definitely curious to see where the mystery goes. That being said, I had a lot of trouble with the sounds in the episode. It seemed to use a lot of stereotypical horror sounds, like random string crescendoes and whatnot.

While I'm a bit worried about Rachel being overly helpless as a protagonist, I do really like how she was introduced. The bird death is weird, but it was a great way to give Rachel an excuse to show how messed up she actually is. Wouldn't it be funny if she's actually the strongest one in the facility, but she forced herself to believe she was helpless? That's an unlikely development, though.

Give me a break, dude.

This "doctor" guy is quickly busted, but I like how the episode makes him immediately suspicious with this scene. He wipes the blood away from Rachel's face without making a comment. Why would a doctor be okay with blood on a patient? It's a nice touch.

It's pretty clear where the episode is going from this point, but the gradual progression into Danny's madness is pretty nice.

I'm definitely curious about this scene. Rachel mentions going to a hospital because she had seen "dead people", so it's perfectly reasonable for those people to be her dead parents. It's weird that Danny knew that, but it would fit with Rachel's own story. And if Rachel was the one who killed her parents or "fixed" their corpses, then it would explain why she's here. I really want to know now...

Good reaction.

The main piece that doesn't add up for me is the way the doctor seemed to know about Rachel from the "outside world". Was he just making stuff up? Or had they really met before? The opening scene has me really curious. Did Rachel project her "doctor" on to Danny? It's also possible that it was a genuine memory, but the context was left out to be misleading.

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