Shichisei no Subaru First Impressions (1): Very familiar

I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but this show seems like it's pretty blatantly similar to Ano Hana. The heroine Asahi even resembles Menma somewhat, or at least she seems to have a similar positive personality. But yeah, the story has the same concept of the group of friends torn apart by a death in the group. Now, there's just a game involved.

The episode itself really didn't leave me with a great first impression. The fight scenes looked really low quality and the game really didn't make sense. That being said, I'll be really impressed if there's a point to all of the similarity to other series, but that's a bit of a blind hope.

These people are really asking for something bad to happen, huh?

How does an ability like seeing the future make sense in a video game? Make up a magical trait called "Sense" and wave the explanations away. So much fun...

Okay, this is just lazy.

They keep stating this aspect of the game without really giving any details, which makes it sound more and more like a cheap gimmick that the show is using to give the series tension rather than a thought-out game mechanic. Why would anyone even play this game? There's only so far a sense of challenge can carry a game.

The ending animation seems to suggest that there's some kind of dark force in this game, which makes me wonder if this series is also just a repackaged .hack, where the main characters are forced to restore the corrupted system only because a friend is stuck in it.

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