Island First Impressions (1): This show really lives up to its title

Starting off the new season with something...okay. As far as visual novel adaptations go, I suppose this episode wasn't the worst I could have expected. Once you get past the opening scenes, it sets up a mystery that seems intriguing so far.

From what we have so far, the main character, who is supposedly named Setsuna, washes up on the island of Urashima. The island seems normal at first, but we quickly find out that most of the inhabitants are highly xenophobic. Setsuna himself is an amnesiac time traveler sent to save a girl and kill someone he doesn't remember.


The time travel aspect of this series is immediately interesting, but I definitely have my reservations. From what we've seen so far, it almost seems like the series is bent on setting up a paradox or two.

The first vision that we see seems to set up a bootstrap paradox, wherein Setsuna attempts to kiss the sleeping Karen simply because he saw it in the vision. So, where did the idea to kiss her come from? That being said, it's still possible that the vision is referring to some other future event, so it's hard to say for sure.

Rinne's parallel amnesia seems pretty interesting too. Since Setsuna's a time traveler, it's also technically possible that he's involved in that past incident somehow.

The vision about killing Setsuna is the one that has me the most curious. I would speculate that this is suggesting some kind of loop. Maybe Setsuna is being sent to the past to kill himself, and he continues the loop when he takes the name Setsuna again. But that's a pretty wild guess at this point.

I'm not sure about this scene with the shrine maiden. Maybe it's explained in a better way in the VN, but I'm not sure I get why she attacked Setsuna. Am I not supposed to understand yet?

Gasp! They're linked! I mean...sure.

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