Steins;Gate 0 Episode 12: The most important song ever

This week's episode was the longest goose chase to set up a bootstrap paradox that I've ever seen. That's almost impressive. Taking a look back, it seems like an incredibly excessive amount of time to spend focusing on a random song, but I had fun watching. I think the bootstrap paradox is an interesting thing to think about in time travel, because it shows the weakness of many common assumptions about time travel.

Hmm, should I be suspicious of these "extra checkups"? I agree that it seems weird that Rintarou was immediately discharged.

The loop keeps going. Without going too heavy into the bootstrap paradox, I'll just note that Steins;Gate happens to handle the paradox well because time travel involves moving across world lines, rather than rewinding the clock in the current timeline. As such, the source of the song can simply be the other timeline.

It's happening? Honestly, I was expecting Yuki's "mystery appointment" to be another totally obvious job as the motorcycle helmet lady, so it was well played as a bait.

This scene with Rintarou's mother was hilarious. Mad psychologist hype.

This line from Mayuri might be my favorite moment in the episode. I really liked the comparison between regaining Kagari's literal memories and the more figurative memories that Mayuri misses of the "old days" with Rintarou.

So, does this mean Kagari has her memories back, or does she just recognize Mayuri now?

Wait, so seeing Kagari get abducted by whoever was tracking her was the reason Rintarou became the paranoid mad scientist? That's...actually pretty cool.

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