Spring 2018 Grab Bag Week 12: Persona 5

I definitely didn't cheat last week with the OWLS post. There's no way I would have planned that on purpose, right? Of course not! Anyway, let's talk Persona.

Persona 5 Episode 12

Honestly, this adaptation has been a lot of fun for me. I've been throwing a lot of my thoughts up on Twitter, and it's been a nice experience. This is similar to what I've said before, but I think the most interesting part of the series has been the fact that it seems to embrace the game mechanics well. Of course, that makes the series a lot of fun for me, having played the game, but I wonder if that detracts from the experience of those who are seeing the series for the first time.

Specifically with episode 12, my favorite part was the interaction between Ann and Makoto. The two have a similar reconciliation scene in the game, where Ann apologizes for her harsh words towards Makoto when the two were at odds. But in the anime, this scene is framed a little differently. We see an immediate teamwork boost between the two as they get closer, which is pretty much what the Confidant system is in the game. However, Ren is kept out of this scene, so it's as though the Confidant system is being used to force side characters to interact, which is a cool tweak to a game mechanic.

Of course, the game mechanics don't always work. I mentioned before that the battles feel too turn-based, and it might just be taking the game mechanics too far. There's also a scene from episode 11 that I didn't remember from the game, where Makoto briefly glimpses an advertisement for a motorcycle. In the same episode, she unlocks her Persona, which is also a motorcycle.

The animation in this episode also felt awkward. I felt like I was noticing more weird scenes than usual, including this shot. In a later scene, the exact same appearances are used for Yusuke, Ren, and Makoto.

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