Golden Kamuy Final Episode (12): Looking forward to the next season

This series has been a blast to watch throughout this season. This week's episode was a bit strange in that I felt like I had way too many questions by the end, but I've enjoyed the series overall. I'm glad that a second season was announced, but I'm a little sad that I'm more than likely going to forget most of the teases we got in this episode. Oh well.

Nice entrance, Shiraishi.

Yeesh, the lengths of those needles make this trap seem excessively brutal.

I think it's nice that Sugimoto is starting to pick up on the things Asirpa says. It definitely makes this scene funnier.

It's nice to see that we're learning more about Kiroranke, but he definitely screwed over the people who were asking him for help. I really wonder what that says about him as a person.

The fortune-telling in this episode felt pretty hard to watch, but maybe that's just me. It was definitely the biggest source of questions for me, since I wasn't sure how seriously I was supposed to take the "power". It was funny to see Shiraishi shamelessly using fortune-telling to gamble.

Still, the combination of the ticket for Kiroranke's horse and the fact that the last prediction was "wrong" has me wondering. I think the simplest answer is that Inkarmat lied to Shiraishi and knew Kiroranke would win. There's also the possibility that she's tied to the mafia boss trying to fix the matches, which is how she knew the winners.

Meanwhile, more alliances are happening.

The quest continues!

Final Score: 8/10 Historical aspects in this series were definitely interesting. The series is a weird combination of serious and fun that worked for me.

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