Caligula Final Episode (12): That seemed a bit excessive

Well, this series was a mess, but we made it through. I don't think this final episode was that bad, but the show overall felt like it skipped around too much. Maybe it's just the inevitable limitation of the game adaptation.

This is the kind of line you'd expect before a character death. Aria definitely disappears before Ritsu confronts Mu, so I guess she disappears along with the corrupted Mu.

Any particular reason why this story had to be said now? It doesn't contribute to battle, but I guess it's just so we can get that one epilogue scene.

My biggest complaint with this episode is Thorn. She's really not convincing as a final antagonist, and I find it hard to just accept that she was masterminding everything in the background. Maybe I'm expecting too much.

Noooo, the only relationship we actually saw in Mobius!

I guess we're referencing back to the first episode again. If I had known that this was what the psychology in this series was amounting to, I wouldn't have focused so much on it. Anyway, I suppose Ritsu standing on "Blind" to indicate his intentional ignorance in Mobius. And maybe Mu is supposed to be the "Hidden" secret that he keeps from others.

There's something off-putting about this ending. When you step back and think about it, Ritsu literally just destroyed the bad AI and replaced it with a fresh one. Doesn't that seem a little sketchy?

Final Score: 6/10 Promising at first, and I could kinda see what the story was getting at. But the story itself felt like it was skipping a lot, which made me really focus on the moments that seemed to be wasting time. "Emotional backstories" often felt like quick tidbits to garner sympathy (other than Ritsu's story).

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