Golden Kamuy Episode 11: Class is in session

This week's episode was a lot of fun to watch. The episode kinda shows its hand in the opening scene, but there are enough explosions and wacky jokes to carry it along regardless. Despite being at odds in this episode, I could totally see Ushijima working together with the main characters in the future. Also, Asirpa with that gun is frightening.

I thought it was weird that Ushijima and Shiraishi were both aggressively hitting on the proprietress when it initially happened. But in hindsight, I guess it's part of the joke since they were supposed to be the ones who recognized a fellow prisoner.

Dick lecture...definitely not what I expected to see. This show really doesn't take itself seriously.

I'm trying to figure out what to make of this. The opening scene shows a distinctly male body in the shadows, I'm presuming that the series wasn't trying to be coy with this revelation.

In this old-fashioned setting, I find it really funny that Sugimoto brutally kicks someone he presumably saw as a woman. The Asirpa love is strong, I suppose.

I can't believe this works.

That's got to be really brutal to see in slow motion.

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