Caligula Episode 11: Hey, some actual answers

This week's episode was better than I was expecting, mostly because the show is starting to make some sense. I think I'm probably too far gone with this series to call it a redemption, though. There are still plenty of things that I thought were questionable.

Honestly, the "true Ritsu" reveal wasn't the most surprising thing, but I respect how it was portrayed. I was thinking that it was weird to see the real life Ritsu speaking from the perspective of the Mobius Ritsu. However, I think the idea is that we're hearing the thoughts from the Mobius Ritsu while the camera is focused on the real life Ritsu. They're both technically in the scene, after all. I can get behind that.

This news report really bothered me. The fact that Shadow Knife used the Virtuadoll app should have been made clear when he first contracted the Astral Syndrome. His death does nothing to link him more to the app because it's not like he was using the app while he was unconscious. So, I don't see how this development is further proof of the connection between the app and Astral Syndrome. If anything, it's just an indication of how severe the stakes are.

Oops, it looks like I spoke too soon last week when I concluded that Thorn was controlling Marie. I honestly hadn't considered that she was secretly Wicked. I must not have been paying enough attention. Either way, I guess it's a boss fight?

I'm still going to take a partial win for guessing that Ritsu imprinted on his psychiatrist. Given what we've learned about the real Ritsu, I think it's pretty safe to say that the therapy sessions are a more likely explanation for the psychology interest in Mobius.

Hooray? Kensuke was a good guy after all? He seemed too easy as the traitor anyway.

Character background stories!

Given the way Thorn talks about Ichika, I suppose she's someone who liked Ichika from a distance and was sad about her suicide.

Darn, I guess Aria's not evil...

Also, I'm still not convinced about Ritsu as a main character yet. The real life Ritsu states that he has changed, but he's still charging ahead on his own.

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