Hinamatsuri Episode 11: Massacred

Is it wrong of me to want to focus on the Anzu part of the episode again? She's just such a good, wholesome character. The "misinterpreted" yakuza piece is starting to feel a little bit overplayed with Nitta. Though, I will say that the point where everyone turned on him, even Hina, was pretty hilarious.

I'm sure this counts as character background...somehow.

I'd make a joke about modern journalism, but that feels too easy.

I feel like this is the series from Nitta's perspective summed up pretty well.

I somewhat resent this idea that you need to experience being homeless to knock the bratty nature out of a kid, but it doesn't really make Anzu any less as a character. Plus, I don't think the series is really pushing that idea.

If only it were so easy.

I can't disagree with this statement.


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