Steins;Gate 0 Episode 10: And the danger is back

This week's episode had a lot of good moments in it, but it largely felt like a lull with the lighthearted scenes. It ramped up really hard in the end when Maho tells Rintarou about the laptop. That tone shift was pretty massive and it really hit me hard when I was watching it. Overall, it was a pretty fun episode, and I suppose the race is on.

I see Amadeus is back at playing Cupid again.

This is probably the cutest impression of Sergeant Hartman I've ever seen. Well played. This scene was 100% on point.

I actually really like the way Maho relates herself to Salieri. It fits really well with her inferiority complex and justifies the Amadeus name more. I just didn't like that the episode opened with her talking about Salieri only to have her explain it more to Rintarou later. It just seemed repetitive.

Oh hey, a random date with Maho.

There's something really cool about the way Rintarou brings his perspective in here. Maho's thought about saving Kurisu is a pretty common idea, but Rintarou has the unique position of knowing how it will fail.

Rintarou's reaction here was great. You could really feel the desperation.

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