Spring 2018 Grab Bag Week 10: Grancrest Senki

I thought we were in the clear when we finally got a resolution to the big war a couple of episodes back. Theo was successfully crowned Emperor of a united force, and yet we've been in the weirdest tangent for the past two episodes. It was almost like the series suddenly remembered that Aishela and Priscilla existed and decided to go straight into resolving their stories.

I had to check on this, but it turns out the crazy witch lady whose name I've already forgotten also used a broom. So, giving Siluca a broom to replace her wand isn't totally ridiculous.

Classic example of papal hypocrisy. We can't allow anyone to control all of the Crests, so give them all to me!

Honestly, Priscilla's eyes looked so dead in these scenes, I wouldn't have been surprised if she unleashed some crazy Chaos monster.

I really didn't feel much for Priscilla's death. Part of the reason is that I was expecting her to somehow come back to life (to fulfill the Jesus allegory). But more so, I didn't think much of her as a character. She provided some pretty standard religious lines and resurrected Aishela twice. Am I just dead inside?

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