Caligula Episode 10: That really escalated quickly

This show's really leaving me in a constant state of confusion. I was mostly okay with the idea of spending the episode going through each character's background before Mobius (because it's about time), but then the grenade flew into the room and all bets were off. It doesn't help that most of the character stories had to be done quickly to get through each of them, so some of the stories ended up feeling incomplete.

I like where this idea is going. Aria's missing? Excellent!

If this series ending at episode 12, then this is absurdly late in the game to be doing introductions. It's pretty common for game adaptations with large casts to cover each character in the context of some sort of battle. It might be overused, but there's an argument to be made for that approach over this group session. This episode feels more like grinding things to a halt to do something that should have been handled already.

Shougo's story feels like a tamer version of the one from Re:Creators, but his reaction is way more exaggerated. How dare he chicken out from a suicide pact? What a monster?

This idea of interpreting suffering and "personal hells" differently is actually really interesting, but it doesn't go anywhere. Where's Ritsu when you need him?

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Is it just me or does this explanation from Izuru add absolutely nothing to the previous explanation to IkeP?

Okay, what?

Given that Thorn was listening to the entire conversation, I think it's pretty that she's in control somehow. But that was some entrance...

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