Steins;Gate 0 Episode 9: Time is running out

I guess things are just continuing to ramp up with this series. This week's episode was pretty cool, since it looks like Rintarou's starting to figure stuff out. I guess this is really a time travel series after all.

It's interesting that someone else had the same dream as Rintarou. Is the scene only meant to confirm that Rintarou wasn't simply dreaming? This soulmate talk is clearly not right. Does she even count as a main character?

The stickers in this conversation were great. Scratch that. This entire text conversation was hilarious.

Well, this escalated quickly. Suzuha's desperation and hesitation really came across well in this scene.

Dang...nice one, Daru. That was some solid father material. Anyway, the TV and newspaper hints came together pretty nicely into this Time Machine Cold War scenario between America and Russia.

I miss Chuuni Rintarou too.

Wait, is this Kurisu's computer? Sounds important.

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