Golden Kamuy Episode 9: Dissension in the ranks

This series just keeps getting crazier and crazier, but I don't feel like it's any less enjoyable. I really liked that this episode started at a tense moment, and I just assumed it was going to be a joke. The previous episode could very easily have ended on a cliffhanger where Asirpa found the trapdoor, but it saved all of the tension for this episode. Well played.

Sugimoto's interactions with Henmi were a little strange. I thought he was just playing along with Henmi's fetish, but it actually did feel like he bonded with Henmi in a small way. It felt a bit inconsistent, but maybe I'm over-thinking it.

Okay then.

Just when I thought the episode couldn't get any more ridiculous, an orca pops out to drag Henmi's corpse into the water.

The transition to Tanigaki was pretty nice, with the soldier reporting the missing soldiers leading to Tanigaki's own flashback about traitors in the 7th. It looks like Tanigaki is being set up as a new addition to the main crew, which is pretty nice considering the way he interacts with the Ainu in this episode.

This scene seems like it will be important in the future. Is it suggesting that Asirpa is different from the other Ainu?

Tanigaki's going to take out the attacking soldiers with one bullet? I'm looking forward to seeing that.

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