Caligula Episode 9: All that to set up a trap

This show is still a mess, but I'm willing to say that the scene at the end could be interesting. At the very least, the introduction of a traitor in the main party suggests that the lack of teambuilding so far is intentional. Maybe these guys are not supposed to trust each other. That being said, the show definitely continues to feel like it's relying on information (or knowledge) that it hasn't actually presented.

I might be putting too much thought into this idea, but I really want Aria to be secretly evil. I know it conflicts with revelations from later in the episode, but I like the idea of having her manipulate things from the background. Otherwise, her role seems a bit weak.

This conversation about what each character will do after leaving Mobius actually brings up a good point. We're 9 episodes in, and I honestly don't feel like I could answer that question for any given character. It's kind of an awkward display of how little we know about these characters.

Kotarou and Shadow Knife have a bit of a weird interaction. I can't honestly say I side with either of them. On the one hand, Shadow Knife is clearly taking his grudge too far, but Kotarou's rigid sense of righteousness also rubs me the wrong way.

Ahh, yes. This guy clearly has a rock-solid form of justice. Totally fair!

I mean...okay. I'm not actually sure how much we gain from learning this.

How fun would it be if Thorn was somehow trapped in Mobius because her real self died after Shougo failed to save her? I doubt that this is the case, but it would fit with what we know so far.

So, Ritsu betraying his friends and opening the door makes for an interesting development. However, I hope there's more to it. He doesn't seem believable as a total traitor, at least not one who feeds information to the Musicians.

  • Terrance A. Crow

    June 5, 2018, 5:35 p.m.

    "I might be putting too much thought into this idea, but I really want Aria to be secretly evil." That could be very interesting. Before this episode, she made a big deal out of not remembering much. This episode, she seemed much more subdued (not even arguing with Kotaro!), so it's possible she's switching to manipulation mode!

    My money's still on Kagi-P as the traitor, with Ritsu being something else. Maybe the doctor running Mobius as a treatment for psychological ailments? I think that could be interesting...



    June 5, 2018, 7:48 p.m.

    as soon as she said she helped Mu create the world, i wanted her to be evil. it would be the best role reversal

    yeah, that's true. it's certainly early enough for a misdirect. they're kinda building a lot of mystery around ritsu, though


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