Steins;Gate 0 Episode 8: Casual pep talk

This week's episode was a pretty cool concept, throwing Rintarou into yet another alternate timeline. The episode felt like a nice, meaningful appearance by the real Kurisu, even if Rintarou was still in his continuing spiral of suffering. There's also a bit of mystery involved in this episode since we once again can't really tell if it's a dream.

I felt like the episode did a good job of easing us into the world line. It starts by confirming that this is a variation of the alpha world line by confirming Mayuri's death. Then, it diverges into a different branch where Rintarou destroys the time machine.

I've missed Kurisu as a character. I liked this scene because it felt like a reminder of how smart she is.

Every world is suffering. Still, Rintarou's got a point here. Kurisu's trying to save him from suffering in the alpha world line by sending him to a world line in which he suffers anyway (as we've seen).

This line from Kurisu was actually really cool. I liked the fact that she warned Rintarou to stay away from Amadeus because her memories might allow Amadeus to reach the same time travel conclusion. Also, I guess this means that time travel is back in play.

Hmm, I wonder what this scene was supposed to mean. It seems like Rintarou has figured something out.

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