Spring 2018 Grab Bag Week 8: Juushinki Pandora

Once again, I'm back with something completely different. I lost track of this series at the beginning of the season because it's a Netflix show, but I recently caught up with it. Honestly, I felt a bit like I was morally obligated to watch this series. It focuses on a futuristic world in which animals have rapidly evolved to the point of being major threats to humanity. The main character develops a Hyperdrive to combat these animals, called BRAI, in a giant mech suit. So, we have sci-fi, post-apocalyptic setting, and mecha...how could I resist?

To be fair, the show isn't too bad. It's watchable to the point where I'm not dreading the next episode. However, the series does feel a bit like it's not doing anything new. The "energy source gone wrong" aspect reminds me of Dimension W. And the fact that the main characters are using mechs to defend the shining bastion of humanity is pretty much the concept of Darling in the Franxx.

Still, I don't actually mind the portrayal of Leon as the "mad scientist" in this series. He's not a raving lunatic, but he has the passion to develop technology for the benefit of mankind. I think that aspect is portrayed decently, even if the demonization of "fanatical" scientists feels a bit overblown.

I also think that the mech fights in this series look quite good. If you can get past the excessive CGI (which doesn't really bother me), there's a lot going on in the fights themselves. And I generally felt like I could follow the fights quite well (looking at you, Grancrest).

I do feel like the Hyperdrive is awkwardly placed. I understand that it's meant to be humanity's last hope, but the fact that it's tied to deeply with the human element feels like a cheap plot element. In fact, the entire series seems to split humanity from the animals as though humans are somehow special. It can be frustrating to watch. Why exactly didn't the quantum reactor affect human evolution? It seems to suggest that humanity is considered to be some kind of "pinnacle of evolution".

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