Golden Kamuy Episode 8: More gold than I was expecting

As always, I don't know whether to be amused or horrified with this show. Either way, this series is still a blast to watch. The characters are interacting with each other in an interesting way, with Shiraishi trying to help out and Tsurumi encountering Hijikata. Even the new prisoner character is funny even if he's a bit strange.

While I don't understand why the katana was important, I thought that Hijikata's plan in the beginning of the episode were pretty cool. The scene made it seem like he's meant to fulfill a sort of mob role in the show. Sounds like fun.

Aww...Retar's gone from the cast? That's too bad.

I agree with this assessment.

I feel like this scene was supposed to be a play on the standard "umi da" line, which was why it was purposely silent. I thought it was pretty funny.

Casually talking to Sugimoto while killing someone for seeing your tattoos? That's pretty messed up, man.

So, we went from the guy who won't stop talking about boners to the guy who pops a literal boner? This show is way too ridiculous sometimes...

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