Caligula Episode 8: Does this count as filling the gaps?

This episode was a really weird one. It goes back to help fill in the gaps from the previous episode, but the stories that were presented for IkeP and Izuru both felt incomplete. More importantly, I still don't see any reason why this episode couldn't have preceded last week's episode. I couldn't point to any part of the episode that benefited from messing with chronology.

IkeP was technically the focus of the episode, but his story felt pretty dull. It's never really spelled out, but it seems like he has a typical background of being laughed at by girls.

Given this guy's reveal in the previous episode, I'm kinda disappointed in hearing the story of how he actually joined the Go-Home Club. He just...joined. There's no real fuss about it.

Okay, I suppose life just sucks for the Musicians without Mu. I'm not going to was entertaining to see, but it doesn't really do much more than that.

Was this episode supposed to count as a background episode for Izuru? I didn't feel like I understood what his deal was. Did he hate the attention he got from his face in the real world? Still, I'm glad that the episode at least explained his weird response in the previous episode. I think it might have been when someone was asking him if anything happened while he was buying the meatballs.

Hold on. Is this a setup for a final battle? The timing feels like it could work out if every character had a spotlight moment in the fight.

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