Darling in the FranXX Episode 19: A brief history of the world

I'm glad that the series finally got around to explaining the world after teasing it for so long. I guess my only problem with this episode was that the revelations didn't seem too jarring. They mostly confirmed ideas that were already being suggested, like the fact that parasites were needed for their emotions or the fact that humanity screwed itself by overusing magma energy. Maybe my expectations were too high, but can you blame me?

There were also some weird connotations the fact that Werner constantly had to label himself an atheist. Any relevance? Trying to link it to his moral bankruptcy?

So, let me see if I understood this correctly. These mysterious APE people think Squad 13 won't revolt because they were kind enough to memory wipe only two of their members? Are these guys just intentionally stupid?

Immortality's kind of a boring motive for the main antagonists in this series, but I guess it ties in with the stagnating adult population. However, I have a separate issue with the delivery of this scene with Werner. It's reasonable to state that humanity will no longer have need for reproduction given their immortality. A later scene even establishes that overpopulation becomes a concern after the technology is made available.

However, the reproductive problems end up being a biological condition. Of course, I understand that this had to be the case in order for parasites to exist, but I'm annoyed with Werner's prediction. What's worse is Karina specifically confirms that Werner had no evidence for his prediction. This scene just really bothered me.

This revelation is fine as a plot device, but it gets weird when you really think about it. What part of sexually active humans is needed to pilot the suits exactly?

The weird cuts to the main characters felt kinda misplaced. They didn't feel relevant to the flashback, so I saw them as distractions building toward the end of the episode.

Is this all we're getting on the klaxosaurs? Surely, there's a deeper link with humanity. Otherwise, that would mean that Goro's comment on human-like design in the previous episode was just meant to indicate that they were fighting in the ruins of human civilization. I'm really hoping for more than that.

Huh...for some reason, I thought that there were more klaxosaur-infused parasites out there. Is it really just Zero Two? I guess Hiro is another possibility.

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