Hinamatsuri Episode 8: The time has come?

This week's episode was pretty funny, but I hope it's not just getting my hopes up. The fact that Ikaruga showed up seems to suggest a shift towards the alien side of the story. But I won't pretend to be able to read this show.

This line from Ikaruga is especially funny given that we've already seen Hina agreeing to return home at the beginning of the episode.

Funny stuff with the checklist and all, but am I the only one bothered by the fact that this is happening in the rain? Is this special psychic paper that doesn't get wet?

So, the stuff with Mami was kind of a weird distraction in the episode. It was actually kinda hard to watch her embarrass herself so much.

I didn't know this comedy show had character death!

Well, that was nice.

I'm not sure whether this is a believable character regression or not. I know that Nitta has been constantly annoyed with Hina, but he seemed to be acting more caring recently. Still, this is some pretty instant karma.

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