Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 8: The future's looking rough

While I still enjoy the show and find it interesting, I thought that this week's episode was a bit lacking. The relationships seem to be getting more established, and the show seems to be suggesting a really bittersweet ending for all of them. However, I guess I just didn't feel anything when I was watching the big moment in the episode.

I feel kinda torn on the fortunes. I feel like they were pretty deliberately put there as negative foreshadowing. There's no way that love fortunes in a romance show could be meaningless. So, the fact that Mitsuyoshi's fortune spells bad luck feels pretty worrisome.

Okay, I guess this scene means that Teresa knows about Alec's affection for Charles or soemthing.

Well, I certainly like the way Mitsuyoshi reads Teresa in this scene. As the devoted camera guy, it would make sense that he "sees" more than the other characters.

I suppose that Teresa's reaction to Mitsuyoshi's "deep" comment was meant to indicate that she's falling for him. I'm totally on board with that particular aspect of this scene being important, but I guess I didn't feel like Mitsuyoshi was saying much while I was watching the conversation. But different people respond to different things. I don't feel like I should press it.

That certainly sounds ominous, Alec.

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