Steins;Gate 0 Episode 7: Suspicions everywhere

This show is really ramping up, which is making things fun. I'm glad that the cliffhanger from last week was actually an important development and not a gag as I slightly suspected it might be. Anyway, it seems like stuff is starting to get revealed more and more, so I'm curious to see where it's all going.

Mr. Braun stepping in to help was pretty awesome. I also liked that Rintarou figures out pretty quickly that he couldn't have been involved in the attack. It would have been annoying if he had dwelled on that and we get answers.

Am I supposed to be suspicious of the fact that Amadeus is down when Leskinen is conveniently missing?

Good on Ruka for figuring stuff out, and I do feel kinda bad for him. I get what Suzuha's saying about Rintarou wanting to keep Ruka as a member of the normal world, but it must really suck to be kept in the dark like that.

Wait, really? Mystery girl was kicked in the wrist by Suzuha, so am I really supposed to suspect Yuki?

Honestly, I felt like this scene was laying it on a bit thick with the "Amadeus" name reference. I'm guessing the truly important part is that Amadeus seems to be linked mystery attackers, but it still felt awkward watching Rintarou piece things together.

Okay, what? I definitely did not see this coming. I was starting to be convinced that time travel wasn't a big deal in this story.

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