Spring 2018 Grab Bag Week 7: Hinamatsuri, Grancrest Senki

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Hinamatsuri Episode 7

Why is Anzu such a better protagonist than Hina? Her story in the first part of the episode was both endearing and funny, while I largely lost interest in Hina's student council run.

I quite liked this line from Anzu's new guardian about denying what Anzu was taught by the homeless elders despite telling her that they are still part of her. It's an interesting take on an otherwise kind gesture. I wonder if it will go anywhere.

This whole sketch about Hina becoming student council president felt more like it was trying hard to be ridiculous. It wasn't bad, but it didn't work as well for me.

I was surprised by the final scene in the episode, even if I'm not sure I understood what it meant. I just liked the fact that it seemed to show how much Nitta cared for Hina. He wasn't taking the comment about getting Hina a mother lightly, so he put the effort in to console her.

Grancrest Senki Episode 19

After much delay, I've finally caught back up with this series after falling super far behind. It still has weird pacing issues and feels like it's skipping a lot, but I've enjoyed the series in recent episodes. I think once the series got past a lot of its smaller skirmishes, it started to get a lot more interesting. Perhaps Villar was holding things back a bit too much.

With recent developments, I really liked where the series is going with creating the three major factions. Even if it was a bit manipulative, I was happy to see Theo and Siluca bring Alexis into the fight. Honestly, I think it's a shame that the series didn't go into Crests so much. The fact that Theo uses his Crest to inspire his army feels important, but there's no sense from the series of its significance.

Similarly, Alexis brings kind of a fresh style to the battles with his art-focused Crest. The Crests feel like an important distinguishing factor for each lord's fighting style, and it doesn't always come across well.

Honestly, I would have liked to see a bit more fierceness in Alexis, but I guess his fear fits with his character. The first fight in episode 19 was fine to show that Alexis was actually capable, but the sharp contrast in the second fight felt really jarring.

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