Golden Kamuy Episode 7: On to the next enemy

This show continues to just do its thing. I'm glad that the whole deal with Retar ended well. This episode seemed a bit more serious than usual, but the comedy aspect was still there. We seem to be moving into a battle between three different parties with similar but conflicting goals. It should be fun.

Retar's mate showing up to help kill Nihei felt a bit random, but I guess the show tied it to a previous scene. I can't be too upset. I'm glad that the flags for Retar didn't end up killing him.

Haha, this scene was gold. Asirpa's interactions with Sugimoto are still amazing.

I guess it makes sense that Nopperabo would mislead the prisoners, but I'm not sure what this revelation does for the audience. So, there's more gold. Okay?

Tsurumi might have somewhat understandable motivations, but he still seems nuts. That being said, it would be pretty interesting if the three different groups in the series end up having ambiguous morals.

Okay, buddy...

Curse this show for making me feel sorry for a random horse.

  • yualexius

    May 31, 2018, 11:01 a.m.

    I really love how to story progress and how the anime introduce us those interesting stuffs about the Ainu people. The comedy and actions were on point and some of the humors here reminds me of Barakamon. Plus the pair of Asirpa and Sugimoto is truly great added with the Escape King, I couldn't even imagine how awesome their gang would be. Nonetheless, I want that Tanigaki guy to join in. Well, I just can't enough for more interesting progress in this anime.



    May 31, 2018, 11:20 a.m.

    yeah, the show's doing a really good job of keeping things light, and the ainu info is definitely interesting. looking forward to seeing more people join the crew too


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