Darling in the FranXX Episode 18: Suffering is inevitable

This week's episode was strange. The wedding felt like a random development, but I could see how it was acting as a turning point. I was actually more interested in what was happening with Nana (and Ikuno too). I'm still consistently annoyed by the adults in the series, but I'm starting to wonder if this episode is meant to mark the beginning of their comeuppance.

Hmm, everyone in the party is getting sick. I know we were given an explanation about this fever, but I feel like this will be important later.

Well, she sure was serious about the "pistil-to-pistil" connection.

Zero Two being haunted by the stamens she killed in the past makes sense. I just don't understand why the giant hand klaxosaur was part of her traumatic vision. Is it just because of her blood?

This isn't a good sign.

It's interesting that Squad 13 has a special exception from this indoctrination thing. It's consistent with how Nines treats them. However, I don't see how wiping Mitsuru and Kokoro solves the problem. Everyone else in Squad 13 still knows what happened. They have a lot of faith in their memory wipe technology and obviously have no idea how plot devices work.

Two parasites are trying to have a wedding ceremony? SEND EVERYONE!!

Seriously, what were these kids going to do to stop like three armed guards?

This fight actually looked kinda okay. I would have liked to see more, but it's more than I expect from a mecha anime.

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