Golden Kamuy Episode 6: On the hunt

This show just keeps getting weirder, but it's still pretty fun. This week's episode seemed to take a step back to look at Sugimoto while introducing the wolf hunter team some more. Sugimoto's stuff was strange in that it was happening a bit late in the game, but I guess you could argue that the deer hunt ran a bit parallel with the wolf hunt.

I'm not sure I fully understood Tanigaki's motivations, but they seemed interesting. It sounded like he didn't feel like his exploits in war were befitting of a Matagi hunter, which is why he's determined to kill Retar.

Sugimoto seeing himself in the deer was a cool way to take things. It makes sense that Sugimoto would still be messed up from the war.

Asirpa, what are you doing?

The episode did a pretty good job of displaying Nihei's obsession, which should make the battle between him and the main cast more entertaining. This guy's pretty nuts.

Nice censoring.

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