Caligula Episode 6: The team is assembled already?

I still don't feel like I know what's going on with this show, but this week's episode felt like progress. The mass awakening is nice because it seems to indicate the beginning of the actual show, but it's kinda odd that this is happening in episode 6. Surely, the series isn't stopping at episode 12, right?

I was a bit skeptical about Kotono's responses at the beginning of the episode, but she makes up for it later. Her earlier arguments are just about a fake world, which isn't really a strong case against living in happiness. This scene where she talks about running from problems holds a bit more weight in my eyes.

I didn't expect for everyone to gain their powers simultaneously, but I guess I'll take it. Some of these characters haven't really been set up at all, so I didn't think they'd be able to go through the Catharsis step.

This show definitely isn't Persona.

Wait, was the Shogo part of last week's episode just some sort of flashback to his real life? He's already awakened his power, so I would assume that he already remembered his past life. So, is he actually saying that he wants to go back to reality because he's a murderer in reality?

I was going to laugh that Ritsu's the only one who doesn't get his powers, but I guess he just needed to be special.

So what? Is Ritsu personally related to Mu? She called him out in particular.

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