Darling in the FranXX Episode 17: Where babies come from

This episode drops a surprising number of revelations, but no individual revelation is really developed. In the end, I'm just left with even more questions. Still, the plot seems to be moving forward and we're getting more clues about the world, so I guess that's progress.

This is a pretty casual reveal, but we finally get an indication that Hiro is developing oni-like characteristics similar to Zero Two's past form. Uhh...this seems really important. Is it just me?

This guy's basically just trying to fill the gap left by Zero Two when she officially joined the team. He's the frustratingly mysterious guy who taunts everyone, including the audience, with the knowledge he has about the world.

Well, that escalated quickly, Kokoro.

This conversation falls kinda flat for me. It feels like it's attempting to act as exposition, revealing that the parasites are somehow different because they have reproductive organs and emotions. Is that really how the world is? This is news to me.

Nana's "regression" is probably the most interesting part of the episode for me, but we really learn nothing from it. Is the simple explanation the right one? Is she just a former parasite who was brainwashed to oversee this experiment?

This line makes me wonder if the klaxosaurs are just supposed to be a different branch of humanity. That development feels like the kind of thing that could be really generic or really interesting. I wonder how it will go.

Whoa...okay, Kokoro. Well played.

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