Hinamatsuri Episode 6: Finding the real protagonist

Hina had some funny moments in this episode, but Anzu's story was just great. Anzu seems to be doing a better job of developing as a character than Hina is, even if Nitta reminisced in the episode about how much Hina has changed. I'm not sure where the series is going with Anzu, but I like what I see so far.

This facial expression coupled with the action of pouring a drink was surprisingly funny.

Who are you trying to convince, buddy?

I definitely thought that this setup was going to lead to a rehash of the bar scene from last week, so I was glad to see that the joke went in a different direction.

Why are you doing this? This show's supposed to just make me laugh!

I'm really happy that this week's episode didn't rush to restore the stasus quo for Anzu. In a comedy series, that tends to happen. I was really expecting Hina's new guardians to run into some kind of freak financial crisis to push Anzu back into the homeless lifestyle. I kinda want this to just work out for her, but the story might not be over yet.

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