Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 6: Introducing the nobility

The introduction of Charles this week wasn't as frustrating as I kinda expected it to be, but I still feel like this series pushes some weird things. I do like how it uses minor gestures to send messages, but I think Charles was suspiciously likeable.

I did like how the episode showed Alec's personal interest in Charles. I also thought it was nice that other people, namely Kaoru, picked up on that fact. I did think that the relationship between Alec and Charles was pushed a little too hard, though. At a certain point in the episode, I was tired of seeing them together.

Hmm, the westerners seem to have no trouble figuring out who Hina is. Maybe they're just too used to comic book superheroes with their weak secret identities.

I always like little moments like this one. When Kaoru gets attacked by Nyanko Big, there's a very quick succession of shutter sound effects indicating that Mitsuyoshi is taking pictures of the suffering.

I'm a bit worried about this scene between Teresa and Mitsuyoshi. I guess the implication is that Teresa's nanny is Mitsuyoshi's grandmother or something. I'm really not a big fan of linking the two like that, because it feels like a really forced plot point. In an earlier scene, Charles touches his bracelet when Mitsuyoshi talks about his dead parents. The scene could have been an indication that Charles experienced a similar family tragedy.

However, I have a different interpretation. If Mitsuyoshi's parents were travelling because of a relationship with Teresa's family, it's possible that Charles might have had a relationship with them in the past. Maybe he's remembering the exact same tragedy.

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