Steins;Gate 0 Episode 5: That was quick

Well, this series certainly wasted no time with the Kagari stuff. I'm kinda glad the series didn't leave us dangling with that Ruka call from last week. There's still a lot going on at once, but it at least seems like the series moving forward.

This series making me feel as paranoid as Rintarou. Is this news report supposed to be alluding to something that will become relevant later? If so, then well played.

Leskinen's teasing in this scene with Maho was pretty funny to watch.

The eerie stalker sequence made me wonder if Maho was naturally paranoid. It doesn't seem to be the case, so I guess it's part of the creepy factor. It's intriguing so far.

Oh hey...some bar symbolism while Maho is discussing Rintarou's relationship with Amadeus.

Well, I wasn't expecting the amnesia angle, but I guess they needed to explain Kagari's presence somehow. It's kinda interesting that the girl who looks like Kurisu has memory problems. It would make it way cooler if the two were actually linked something.

So...are we good now? Kagari's memories are back? I need to know!

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