Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari First Impressions (1-4): Surprisingly hilarious

Once again, I bring you a completely different series in this season. I put off watching this series for a while, but I'm actually having a lot of fun watching it now that I've finally caught up. It's a comedy series set in a pretty standard fantasy world, and the show doesn't take itself seriously at all. It constantly breaks the fourth wall and pokes fun at common gacha game tropes, which is really appealing to me. Apparently, the series is based on a mobile game, and I'm really curious whether the game uses the same comedic style. Maybe the series is just making fun of the game.

The basic setup revolves around three adventuring "Periods" (plus one Meme Girl), who travel around defeating "Spirals" to raise money for their guild. Each episode has a fairly repetitive in that the main characters are given a quest to travel to a cookie cutter town with a cookie cutter mayor asking for help defeating spirals.

Each episode also revolves around an encounter with Wiseman, a group of periods who attempt to steal the main characters' quests. Honestly, the members of Wiseman have become my favorite characters in the series, and they really make me wonder why they aren't the main characters.

The series even goes as far as blatantly sticking Higurashi characters in episode 3, which corresponded with a collaboration that was done in the game. The references in this episode were insane, and I had to look a lot of them up. The scene between Rika and Choco was also excessively cute.

The series kinda fell flat in episode 4 for me, though. The trope that main characters are never good with money is pretty boring, so much of the episode felt like a foregone conclusion. Still, the episode did a pretty good job of promoting Wiseman.

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