Golden Kamuy Episode 5: Great escape

I'm starting to feel like I remember this show better for its funny moments rather than its action moments. The reconciliation between Asirpa and Sugimoto kinda just happened in this episode, but I guess we're over that. The episode seemed overly split, but I suppose it's an attempt to show the various factions taking part in the story.

I'm still not a huge fan of this character, but watching him figure out Sugimoto's trick wasn't bad.

Retar's gaze in this scene is excellent. I was almost too distracted to notice that Asirpa is scolding Sugimoto here. Just give the pup some meat, man!

I think I was just about to reach my limit with the miso joke, and the show seems to have resolved it. Asirpa's facial expressions throughout the entire scene were pretty hilarious. Sugimoto is doing pretty well himself in this scene.

Okay...I guess this guy is important.

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