Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 5: Best of friends

As with the Nyanko Big episode, I thought that the presentation of this episode was interesting. It was setting up the main characters by showing Mitsuyoshi's background and Teresa's nobility problems, but the episode itself was framed around Kaoru. Kaoru's characterization in this episode was also pretty solid, which made things more fun.

To be completely honest, I was hoping for a bit more than this. I guess it's not really important that Mitsuyoshi's parents die in a special way, but the "car accident" thing seems pretty standard. It's also really cheesy that the camera with the photo taken as Mitsuyoshi's parents are driving away is the only thing that survives the accident.

Teresa's reaction to the ten year timing is just a coincidence, right? I'd be really annoyed if Teresa's past was somehow related to the accident that killed Mitsuyoshi's parents. Maybe she's just referring to the memory we saw from Alec in that previous episode.

While the whole "arranged marriage" development is kinda generic, I think the reveal in this scene was pretty clever.

I really like the idea that Kaoru tries to support Mitsuyoshi in the one way he believes he can, rather than trying to force the kinds of things you see most people do.

Generic arranged marriage aside, did anyone else focus on the fact that Alec got completely neutralized when she tried to attack Charles?

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