Steins;Gate 0 Episode 4: Feels rough to be Rintarou

While I certainly feel like I'm still in the dark, I'm enjoying the mysteries that this series is setting up. It definitely feels like there's a bunch of stories going on simulataneously, so I'm still curious to see where they're going.

This show really wants to make Rintarou suffer. The opening sequence was a little confusing at first, but I kinda like this idea that we can't fully trust Rintarou's perception. The fact that Rintarou forgot a conversation he had with Amadeus seems to confirm that what we saw wasn't a dream.

There's something funny about the fact that Amadeus is trying to push Rintarou towards Maho while the researchers are trying to push Amadeus towards Rintarou.

Darn...I'm not confident enough in my memory of the original series to say that this second time traveler wasn't mentioned. If not, this development feels a little retconned.

This scene where Leskinen disappears into a hallway feels like one of those scenes I will likely forget when the explanation is given.

Hmm...she looks familiar.

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