Tokyo Ghoul:re Episodes 2-3: I feel like I'm missing a lot of references

I'm still kinda behind on this show, but I caught up a bit. Honestly, I think the amnesia aspect of this series has been more interesting than anything I remember from the second season. My main issue so far has been that the character backgrounds for the Quinx squad have felt like they were thrown into the episodes.

The stuff Haise says in this conversation is pretty interesting. It's the kind of mushy thing you'd expect from a typical protagonist, but it seems to have a different meaning when coupled with the fact that Haise is a second personality.

While I'm grateful for the explanation, this doctor is very clearly saying this for the audience. Oh, you should already know this, but I'm going to say it anyway.

Haise's reaction in the cafe is actually really interesting. There's a pretty common idea that love is mysterious and hard to explain. In this situation, Haise has trouble explaining why he's attracted to Touka, but we as the audience know exactly why.

Oh, I guess this character needs to be part of the story now. That was random.

I'm sure this will be explained later, but this character building scene feels as random as Urie's scene in the first episode.

What a good friend.

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