Golden Kamuy Episode 4: Good dog

I still think this show is playing to its strengths with how it portrays Sugimoto and Asirpa. They're genuinely fun to watch together (even if they get split up in this episode).

This guy introduces him with the Japanese "father", but switches to the Ainu "aca" when he talks about Asirpa's father. I get that it's an opportunity to introduce an Ainu term, but there has to be a more natural way to do it.

The story of Asirpa and Retar was pretty touching, but it reinforces my fears from a previous episode. This kind of background is what you'd expect before a character death, and Retar seems like a pretty strong candidate.

I was kinda surprised to see Sugimoto leave Asirpa after everyone in the village tells him that she has warmed up to him. I'm assuming there's a generic "protection" reason behind it, which is a bit frustrating.

So, we're doing this kind of thing with non-Ainu food too? This show really is trying to be a cooking show.

I'm conflicted about Sugimoto's interrogation. It's pretty rough with the skewers, but it's also pretty funny at times. Am I suppose to take it seriously?

Of course this guy's back...

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