Caligula Episode 4: Music wars

This week's episode had some nice explanations for the Mobius world. I'm not sure I really liked how the Shounen Doll stuff played out, but I still think the overall concept of the show is interesting. Also, I guess everyone's pretty much gathered together.

Well, this reference was not what I expected to see in a show like this.

I like the idea that Aria helped Mu create this world. I'm curious to know what they really are, though. Are they just AI vocaloids in a future setting?

I think it's interesting that the Digiheads are brainwashed humans. I figured they'd just be computer-generated sentinels. I wonder how this concept could be used in a future episode.

So, you're saying you activate Catharsis by facing your true self...err, repressed feelings.

Part of me wants Aria to be secretly the evil one all along (in the sense that she's using the main characters to regain her powers). I feel like I should remember this random side comment about her memories being unreliable.

I was kinda hoping that Shounen Doll was brainwashing Suzuna to turn her into a Digihead or something. As it stands, Suzuna's experience seems more self-contained, so that idea would make her seem more relevant.

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