Hinamatsuri Episode 4: Back to business

This episode was pretty sweet even if the conclusion was inevitable. I quite liked Hina's side of the story in the episode over Nitta's side. I'm still not totally sold on Anzu yet, but she was pretty relevant in the episode.

Watching everyone in the bar turn on Nitta was pretty funny. I kinda side with Nitta because he has no real obligation to take care of Hina, but the room's reaction was funny nonetheless.

I liked how Hina's story went. It felt weird to see her use her powers for monetary gain, but I thought it was cool that she did it to buy the vase for Nitta. I was thinking that she would have a scene where she stopped herself from using her powers because of Nitta's influence, but this works too.

The double meaning in Hitomi's bar conversation was nice too. She would be the one to know about living a separate life in a bar.

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