Dorei-ku the Animation Episodes 2-3: Explanations would be nice

I would be much more willing to cut this show some slack if it presented interesting ideas, but it just feels so boring overall. Both episodes 2 and 3 felt like they were introducing some completely tangential story which would eventually link in with the main characters. I think this tactic would work if the show made more sense, but I just end up seeing the stories as isolated incidents.

Episode 2 introduces the idea of a map that allows SCM wearers to locate each other and a proximity alert function. These functions seem reasonable at face value, but I want to get the sense that they have been thought out. How do people find out about the map? Is it just standard functionality outlined in the instructions for the SCM? If the mechanics are just shown out of nowhere, they feel much more like plot convenience to me.

I don't really have a problem with Seiya knowing about the SCM proximity alert, but how does Ayaka know about it?

Even if we discount the fact that Seiya hates Ayaka enough to lose on purpose, I don't see why she would believe in his "good idea" when his last one turned him into a slave.

I mean...that's actually kind of a funny way to play safe in a 2-on-2 duel.

Julia's trick was so annoyingly obvious, but I'm more annoyed with the fact that she doesn't put her SCM on until after the bet is made. Why does the SCM recognize a duel that was proposed before the SCM is put on? Doesn't that seem like a really vague mechanic?

I'm not sure where this is going, but the dog winning a duel is a pretty funny development.

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