Quick Impressions: Wotaku ni Koi na Muzukashii Episode 3

I don't want to give the impression that I'm ignoring this show, so I'm doing some quick impressions. This series is another one I'm familiar with ahead of time. I read the manga for this series and really enjoyed it. My thoughts on the anime are largely the same. Hirotaka and Narumi are a great couple and I really enjoy watching them interact.

Hirotaka's progressive jealousy in this scene was hilarious. I would have expected him to get annoyed at how fake she seemed, but this reaction is great for showing that he actually does care.

Ahh, people like Naru...this is so relatable. Too many things in this show are relatable.

I want to say I agree, but part of me doesn't. I don't buy physical manga as much as I used to...

Hirotaka's story of meeting Narumi was pretty cute, and it fit into the episode well. I also like how you can see the figurines on the bookshelf in this scene. They're turned around, which gets pointed out later.

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